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  • "My family are all patients at Dynamic Physiotherapy, my wife was one of their original patients. I have received Physio treatment from Amanda Lucky for numerous injuries from shoulder to knee and when my children required physiotherapy I did not hesitate to take them to see Amanda. Her knowledge and experience are evident, her delivery of treatment is outstanding as she is able to make my children feel comfortable, safe and involved in their rehab."
  • "I have had fibromyalgia for over 5 years now, and I have experienced a lot of pain. Dr. Cohen had treated my two daughters through many sport injuries and I was impressed with the outcomes so I went to her for help, I was desperate. Dr. Cohen has helped to turn my life around, I am not pain free but I have better quality of life, so much more active and able to enjoy time with my grandchildren. We worked hard to achieve this and Dr. Cohen has shared everything she knows to help me. I now go once a month for our routine appointment or when my fibromyalgia flares up. It was difficult for me to make that first appointment but I am so happy that I did. Life changer."
  • "Dr. Cohen started to treat me in 2016 after I moved to Ottawa. As a result of an accident as a youth, I have chronic back pain, one leg longer than the other and doctors have told me I will require a hip replacement at some point. At my initial appointment with Dr. Cohen, she completed her evaluation of my condition and determined a course of treatment that has dramatically improved my quality of life. Before being treated by Dr. Cohen, I had consistent hip and back pain that prevented me from walking for exercise on a regular basis. Her diagnosis and treatment plan has now allowed me to walk pain free for the first time in more than 20 years.It is common after an appointment she'll give me exercises for my hip and/or back. I remember at one point telling her that I stopped doing the exercises because they hurt too much. Her reply was that some of my muscles had become dormant and that if I could work through the pain it would be beneficial.  She was right! Her advice and encouragement to work through the pain was key in me becoming pain free and being able to maintain a healthy exercise program.I continue to see Dr. Cohen on a regular basis, usually monthly but sometimes more often if my back acts up. Each month she adjusts my leg length and adjusts my back allowing me to continue to function pain free. Dr Cohen is personable, professional, current and knowledgeable in her field and genuinely cares about the well being of her patients.I consider meeting Dr. Cohen as one of those life changing moments we sometimes have. Not only am I now pain free which allows me to exercise on a regular basis but her treatment plan has delayed and with some luck, maybe even prevented the need for hip replacement surgery."
  • "I would like to thank Dr. Cohen for the highly effective diagnosis and treatment she has given me for several issues.  In the past I had seen quite a few practitioners and doctors who were not able to correctly diagnose and treat my back.  Dr. Cohen has given me a normal return to my life, and continues to provide effective interventions for all the bumps in the road.Like any active person of a certain age there are problems which arise.  Dr. Cohen assessed my knee in a way that other practitioners missed, and with exercises I no longer have this problem.There are other injuries with which she has been equally helpful.Dr. Cohen will go that extra mile for her clients and has their best interests as her guide.  She is easy to talk to, and I can discuss and brainstorm with her possible treatments and approaches.I plan to continue seeing Dr. Cohen to ensure I live an active lifestyle and can do the activities I wish."
  • "Went in to see Ashley for a sore foot early in the summer.  She diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. I typically walk about 100 rounds of golf a summer so I needed it taken care of as quickly as possible.  Ashley treated it, sent me home with daily exercises that I did as per her instructions.  Two more visits and the issue was resolved.  I would recommend Ashley and Dynamic to anyone."
  • "I was referred to Ashley Powers by Fleming Fitness this past summer.  I had a first-time injury to my hamstring and a reoccurring injury to my shoulder.  Ashley asked a series of detailed questions to ascertain the precise nature and occurrence of the injuries.  She was thorough in obtaining the specifics regarding my current workout regime and previous injuries.  She then described her approach and what to expect regarding the types of modalities she would incorporate for rehab purposes.  She explained each step of the various procedures and the type of equipment she selected, always checking that I was comfortable while ensuring that the treatment was activating the targeted areas.Ashley is a very experienced and effective professional whose objective is to support your recovery and successful return to an active lifestyle.  She listens carefully, has keen assessment and observation skills, and offers a wide array of modalities based on current and advanced medical techniques.  I was always able to obtain appointments to suit my personal schedule and her service fees are very reasonable.  In tandem with targeted exercises, my recovery was successful and I was able to fully return to my strength training program within a reasonable timeline.  I highly recommend Ashley for her client-centred approach and service integrity."
  • "Ashley and her team at Dynamic Physio have been nothing short of phenomenal in getting me up and moving after suffering one of my setbacks regarding my back.  From shuffling in hunched over to walking out confidently with a new appreciation for being able to tie my own shoes again, I don't know where I'd be without Ashley's guiding hand. Thank you for all the help and I promise to do my exercises!"
  • "In 2010 I suffered a serious injury that resulted in chronic pain and mobility issues. As a result, I’ve been participating in physiotherapy treatment on and off ever since. As a health care provider, I work collaboratively with physiotherapists and chiropractors on a regular basis and so at the beginning of my rehabilitation journey I wanted to avoid working with providers in my own community to keep my personal life separate from my work life. This will forever be one of my biggest regrets.  During that time I tried multiple clinics and often felt as though I was just a number and a body part hooked up to a machine. This all changed the moment I decided to call Dynamic after a new injury in 2018. I was soon introduced to Dr. Cohen who after 1 treatment session was able to resolve lower back pain I had been experiencing for 8 years. Since then I’ve worked with both Dr. Cohen and Ashley Powers as new injuries have arisen. They are both phenomenal at what they do. I really appreciate their hands-on, active approach. They are caring, thorough, knowledgeable, and truly treat you as partner in your care, which from my “shopping around days” truly sets them apart. I have found my “forever” clinic. In my professional life, my patients have complex needs and when I refer them to Dynamic I have complete confidence those needs will be met comprehensively and with empathy and compassion."

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